Top Ten Reasons Why This Is My Last Post

1. Of the 3712 comments I’ve received to date, 3105 of them have been spam which means all kinds of people are somehow turning a profit (or trying to) by visiting and commenting on (but not reading) my blog posts. A huge THANK YOU to those of you who read my work or left legitimate comments – every single one made me smile. Nothing, in fact, makes me happier than the image of someone, somewhere laughing because of something I wrote.

2. When I signed up for my domain name last year, I gave myself a one-year deadline to earn back the $70 I spent on starting the blog. In that time, I have made exactly nothing from this blog, which leaves me owing rather than earning. Where are all the advertisers I was sure would come courting me??? I’ll tell you where – courting other bloggers who are (probably) better than I.

3. As I suspected a year ago, unless you’re getting some kind of revenue, “blogging” is just another word for “working for free”. I used to get paid to write, which means that somewhere – lurking – is a viable skill. If I’m going to volunteer my talents, I’d rather put them towards something actually useful instead of stories about widowed Barbie dolls and roller skating.

4, As I suspected a year ago, unless you’re contributing something useful to your readers (like my cousin-in-law does with her uplifting and insightful website), “blogging” is also just another word for “giving your ego a big squeeze”. My children, however, already think I’m brootiful and smart and funny so to ask all of you to boost my self-esteem by reading my blather and engaging in witty e-banter is just a little self-indulgent, don’t you think?

5. Every moment of my life I spend writing blog posts (and deleting spam, which takes up more time than writing blog posts) is a moment I could have been working on my book proposal or writing my novel. I really believe the book proposal could go somewhere, and the novel is just one of about 20 that I’m going to have to write before I die whether anyone pays me or not, so blogging is taking away from other, better, more fulfilling work I could be doing.

6. Perhaps not everyone thinks accidentally teaching the eighth grade about self-abuse and/or naming a dog Jesus are funny? Just in case, far be it from me to offend.

7. I have discovered dust in my house in places I didn’t think dust would ever think to go – in fact, as far as housekeeping goes, I’ve (probably) never been good enough. It might be a good idea for me to spend less time blathering online and more time A) teaching my children sight words, B) kissing my husband and C) dusting.

8. I’m very pleased with many (most?) of my blog posts, but I have to admit that some have been, well, maybe not my very best work. What if, by some accident of Stumble Upon or Facebook or Google, a proper publisher found himself or herself at my website only to read a post that left something to be desired? While my mom will still love me warts and all, publishers don’t usually like warts. Or so I’ve been given to understand.

9. Publishers also don’t like self-published books and those of you who have graciously paid attention to my website may have noticed I’ve devoted an entire page to my self-published book. If this book had seen a wild amount of success in terms of sales, I might be happy to flout it in the face of any unsuspecting publisher who happened to discover my site – as it is, despite the heroic efforts of my little sister (who has way better things to do than promote my book but does it anyway, bless her cotton socks) my self-published book has been shamefully, epically, horrifically unsuccessful in terms of sales. No flouting for me! Better to give it another close inspection and try to find a proper publisher for it.

10. In spite of all the spam, I’ve received a lot of really fantastic comments and feedback from friends and family. I’ve had e-mails from people who used to read my column in Abu Dhabi and have been reading my blog in the column’s absence. I’m so glad I’ve done something you have enjoyed, but for now, (probably) good enough, well, isn’t good enough. I think I can do better – I’ll let you know when I do.

To everyone who has read my column, my blog or my book – THANK YOU! It’s been fun and I hope I’ve made you smile. I can say without a doubt that you are not (probably) good enough – you are GREAT!!! Hopefully you can find my work in the bookstore someday. Until then, farewell friends!

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why This Is My Last Post

  1. I’m going to miss you Laura Denise! I totally hear you on the spam, but I just delete all daily and try not to worry about it. I actually love blogging. Right after I started my blog (to build my platform, of course) life went nuts and blogging is the one thing I can do that makes me continue to feel like a writer until I can get proactive about it in other ways – and I do hear from people who’ve been entertained, enriched or encouraged by what I do, so I’m just going to keep on doing it.

  2. I’m a bit gob-smacked … can you be a bit gob-smacked?

    I know blogging is very much a long term process and can be disheartening but I would encourage you to be far less self-critical and maybe just blog less regularly for a period.

    As for publishers not liking self-publishing, I know that some publishing houses have fought the good fight and realised ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ and so they are value adding to their offerings. By that I mean, starting to offer ways services that would help people self-publish successfully.

    Being a mum, wife, writer, housekeeper, etc., etc., leaves little time for you, so I suggest this with caution: how much networking are you doing? Actual, real human to human networking? I say this because in the last few months, the increase in networking that I have done has had a direct impact (positively) in my business. Sharing your writing and book with the world is important, Laura.

    I look forward to the next post: ‘Top ten reasons why I’ve changed my mind about blogging’ 😉
    Wishing you well with the next part of your journey.


  3. I am going to miss your blog. It has amused and entertained me during some tough times. Thank you.

    Please stay on touch and come & visit us in perth.


  4. Noooooooooo!!
    This blog really does make me giggle! I think that it is most definitely (probably) good enough. It’s such a comforting read, giving me something to think about each time I read it. However, I know that whatever you do it will be good enough!

  5. First reaction for me is ” NO this is a fun blog stick with it!” But totally understand that feeling of pursuing a goal. Good luck …..why not blog on how the rest of your journey is going….we’ll be cheering ya!

  6. I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed every one. Always get a delightful giggle. Good luck in your renewed pursuits and keep us posted.

  7. I would terribly miss your funny thoughts Laura… But then again truly understand your feeling of doing something more worth doing at this time… so whatever makes you happy, makes for a better blog/book/novel/column. Do keep on writing (in whatever form it is), you really do make me smile/laugh! =)

  8. Your writing is too good to be free 🙂 keep us posted when (very soon) them publishers come knocking at your door!

  9. no wayyyyyyyyy!!! I started a photo blog because you inspired me…
    now this…you are sooooo gifted…good luck!

  10. I will be sad to no longer read your blog and keep up with your crazy wild life down under. I will however keep in touch via email and wish you the best as you start your next journey. You are a great writer..never give up. 🙂

  11. Thanks Sally – I’ve got so many other, more compelling projects on the go that I really want to focus on those for now. Having said that, I’ve had about half a dozen ideas for posts in the time since I posted my “last” post, so there’s every possibility I’ll break down and blog again. I’ve renewed my domain name anyway, so the door is still open. Thanks for reading 🙂

  12. Thank you, Amnah. You have always been an inspiration to me, so there you go. I’ll definitely check out your blog and I’ll let you know when I have something more worthwhile for you to read 🙂

  13. I’ll keep you posted – the domain name is still active so I may go back to blogging eventually. Will let you know when I have something better for you to read xoxo

  14. Well, the domain name is still active so the door is still there if I ever want to open it again. I really like your blog and will keep up with you there. Will let you know when I have something better for you to read 🙂

  15. As much as I really enjoy this blog, I know you are ready to move on to bigger & better things. I would wish you ‘good luck’ but I already know you will do well.

  16. I agree with Maitri – you’re too good to be free! If you weren’t getting what you wanted out of this blog and it wasn’t fulfilling you in other ways then you’re right to let it go (but also keep it in case you change your mind).

    I’m so pleased you’re going to take Naked in the Driveway to more publishers. It’s fantastic and I’m sure it will be picked up by the right people.

    I’ll miss the regular updates from you – but totally understand why you’re moving on.

    Big love Inigo!

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