Top Ten Reasons I Started Blogging Again

  1. I missed you guys.
  2. I don’t know how to do anything else. Ok, well I know how to do a few things, but not very many.
  3. Somebody in California wants to make Snarky in the Suburbs into a sit-com and possibly even a movie. If I could get even .0001% of that kind of publicity and sell books as a result, I could afford to get pedicures again.
  4. I need a way to promote my self-published book while living in an Amazon-free wasteland. Ooo, ooo! Speaking of which, Collins Booksellers in Sunbury is now stocking my book Naked in the Driveway! Woo hoo!
  5. Sometimes stuff is hilarious and my husband almost never thinks I’m funny.
  6. I like having a readership. Ok, so, 98 percent of my readership consists of former colleagues, good friends and people who are related to me by blood or marriage, but still.
  7. I’ve already paid for the domain name till the end of 2014 – hate to be wasteful!
  8. People can post stuff on Facebook only so many times throughout the day.
  9. Sometimes I get to promote other people’s blogs, books or businesses.
  10. I felt like a quitter.